The Yes Men: A Child’s Guide to Enjoying Hurricane Sandy

Unfortunately, some things can get in the way of the fun, excitement, and group bonding experiences. So here are a few guidelines to making sure you and your parents enjoy the big storm, as well as the many more likely to be coming your way by the time you’re grown up.

1. Don’t listen to anything that connects this storm to anything else

Unfortunately, as soon as a monster storm comes heading our way, you’ll hear people talk about “climate change.” That can totally ruin the fun, because climate change also means: crop failures, droughts, rising food prices, famines, conflicts, and insect-borne diseases migrating to where there’s no resistance. Those things in turn mean the deaths of 1000 children like you every day, and warnings from the UN that last summer’s crazy temperature records could end up hurting tens of millions of people in the coming months. So don’t listen to the UN, or to scientists, or to anything other than the weather channel, network television, or the pronouncements of the president and his challenger. Knowing that the cool storm you’re in the midst of is part of a pattern of global mass murder can be a big bummer.

For more on this story, visit: The Yes Men: A Child’s Guide to Enjoying Hurricane Sandy.

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