I’ve been trying to write the great American novel for quite a while.

I’m infinitely curious about life. A seeker of truth, beauty and ideas. A human, writer, artist, futurist, humanitarian, poet, blogger, musician, creative, photographer, imagist and more. I belong to one race, and that is the human race. “The European Union rejects theories which attempt to determine the existence of separate human races.”  ~ Directive 2000/43/EC ~ Wikipedia

I’m a reformed journalist who exited the field shortly after 9/11 when I refused to cold call rabbis and ministers asking if they could offer any proof of survival or death of their parishioners. When I told my editor that if he could do it, then I would do it, he was hung up on.

I’d return to The AP, however, if given the chance.

I worked as a communications director for an environmental non-profit and ran CT Environmental Headlines successfully for seven years. Now I’m working on various creative writing projects as well as continuing to pursue photography, and music.

I have known from an early age that Imagination is as infinite as the universe. I’m deep probing that knowledge now.

Snippets of things I find, think of, believe, put on Facebook, are also on Twitter (@cjzurcher).

Join me and other global citizens and citizens of the greater universe.

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