World Habitat Day: A Day to Recognize the Basic Need for Shelter | Jimmy Carter, The Huffington Post

Today, World Habitat Day, is a day to recognize the basic need for adequate shelter in a world where it is lacking for so many — a day for grassroots action, starting in your community. As we reflect on the state of towns and cities everywhere and the right of everyone to decent housing, I challenge you to reflect on the actions that you can take. In your own community, in communities around the globe and in places such as Haiti that so desperately need our assistance. I believe, as does Habitat, in the idea of many homes, one community. The act of building, of renovating, of coming together cements a bond not easily undone. When we bring together available resources, take decisive action and advocate for lasting change, we build the kind of stability, that Haiti — and we — need.

For more on this story, visit: Jimmy Carter: World Habitat Day: A Day to Recognize the Basic Need for Shelter.

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