Heavy and Wet

It landed heavy and wet on the ground
Piled up inch by inch
Morning expectedly silent

Morning sun on snow covered pine (cjzurcher)
Morning sun on snow covered pine (cjzurcher)

Plowed only once, no cars were on the street.
The governor said stay home at all costs.
It was still slippery and Marion Street was not plowed at all.
The sun was so pink and bright on the snow covered branches I had to try to take a picture of it.
It came out alright.
Plow drivers later raced back and forth, client to client,
Stopping occasionally to help a lucky someone with the snow plow detritus –
Icy boulders so heavy some driveways are impassable.
Once the sun comes out and melts the slippery sidewalks
brownies will be delivered to thank them
Then we return to work.

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