Month-and-a-half post-Sandy, still no electricity?

More than month and a half after Superstorm Sandy, winter is setting in and many of the ten thousand residents of this Queens neighborhood still lack heat or electricity. Many have no hot water.

“In the Rockaways you already had a lack of healthcare,” said Jeremy Saunders with the community justice group Vocal-NY. “You already had half the population living below the poverty line. It’s a place where the city has pushed a lot of poor people living with AIDS. A lot of people who were formerly incarcerated. Its already where they have amassed a lot of marginalized people.”

Now, supported by Occupy Sandy volunteers, residents of the Rockaways are starting to fight back.

For more on this story, visit: Hurricane Sandy relief turns to protest / Waging Nonviolence – People-Powered News and Analysis.

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