I saw this near a relative’s house over this Thanksgiving weekend. Armed with my new Olympus XZ-1, which won a gold award from DPReview largely because of its 1.8 lens. I was very happy for a time with my first digital camera which was an Olympus C750.

The XZ-1 comes equipped with a few different scene modes and art filters, I quickly got out of the car and walked up the street to see what I could get. An old truck in front of an old house. What good is that? Do I need to get closer? Do I need a different background? Do I need to come back when the sun is overhead?


I wasn’t going to be around that much longer, I thought, and even when I did see the sun had moved a bit, I was still happy with what the 3″ screen was showing me. I took a few shots with a few different art filters on. This one is one that brings a high contrast to the image. Not too much tweaking other than an old type of frame around it with my PhotoScape and here we are.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Back to work tomorrow.

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