Tough Talk for America by Mattea Kramer | ZNet Article

By Mattea Kramer

A Guide to the Presidential Debates You Won’t Hear

So here’s a brief guide to what you won’t hear this Wednesday or in the other presidential and vice-presidential debates later in the month. Think of these as five hard truths that will determine the future of this country.

2. Taxes are at their lowest point in more than half a century, preventing investment in and the maintenance of America’s most basic resources

3. Neither the status quo nor a voucher system will protect Medicare (or any other kind of health care) in the long run

4. The U.S. military is outrageously expensive and yet poorly tailored to the actual threats to U.S. national security

5. The U.S. education system is what made this country prosperous in the twentieth century — but no longer

1. Immediate deficit reduction will wipe out any hope of economic recovery


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